Nesjavellir – Dyravegur hiking tour – FULLY BOOKED

    June 15th at 17:00 – 4 hours

    Approximately 30 km to the east of Reykjavík is the Hengill central volcano, which last erupted around 2,000 years ago. We will be driving there in coaches and will then walk a part of the old track on the north side of Hengill. The route takes us from Dyradalur (valley) along the Dyravegur (road) to Nesjavellir. The distance is approximately 4 km and is fairly rough and rocky in parts, but it is downhill for the most part. We will have our packed lunch outdoors once we get to our destination and then return to Reykjavík in the coaches.

    Dyravegur is an old route that was used to travel between the upper parts of the Árnessýsla region and the fishing stations by Faxaflói bay. Goods were transported on horses between the two areas. Public officials also use this route between the government seat at Bessastaðir and the Skálholt See. On the way, we will see channels in the rock that have been worn down by the hooves of the horses that have passed through over the centuries.

    We will also see a wide range of natural formations that have shaped the Icelandic landscape. We will be walking over hyaloclastite ridges which formed in eruptions under the ice-age glacier. There is, moreover, an excellent view of the volcano that is in the middle of the more western volcanic belt which reaches from Reykjanes peninsula to Langjökull glacier. Extensive hot spring areas, such as the one at Nesjavellir, are highly visible, as are the signs of tectonic plate separation and land subsidence when looking north to Lake Þingvallavatn.

    Price: ISK 7.200
    Minimum 20 persons

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